Welcome to the official webpage of the 12th UniKL Convocation

The 12th UniKL Convocation Ceremony will be held from the 10th until 12th October 2015.

This webpage will provide information and step-by-step guidelines for the UniKL Convocation Ceremony of all UniKL undergraduate graduands. For postgraduate graduands, the information and convocation guides will be sent to you by Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) and the UniKL Business School (Postgraduate Section).

All graduands, including postgraduate graduands are required to complete the MOE Tracer’s Study Survey accessible at http://graduat.moe.gov.my

Graduands without any outstanding balance or with valid Sijil Aku Janji (SAJ) will be able to download the invitation letter. However, those with valid SAJ will be not allowed to obtain their scroll and transcript if they have not paid all outstanding debts.